183 – / 365″ …you will someday have to see it end.”


183 - / 365

View On Black

The 2nd part of my Halfway marker.
In most ways it does NOT feel like i have been taking daily
pictures for the last 6 Months. in other ways i forget what it was like
not thinking about it, or planning for it each and every day.

For me its always been more of a Joy each day.
The way i approach it has always been one of art,and the challenge
to do something i haven’t done before. mostly i lean to photoshop,
because to me its not enough to take a good shot. i want to forge
the creative fire behind an image,and make something not just anybody can take.

I look at it more of a Performance, as if i am playing to an audience.
Because Honestly i am. I have performed music for audiences, and it
feels very similiar. at the core i still always do this for Me, not seeking
any applause or needing feedback.
its nice to get,especially if it is well spoken and insightful, but never the
reason i have done anything. fads change, whats "popular" becomes what
"was popular" and appealing to the masses has never been my cup of rum.

So to you who were there from the start, or those who are just tuning in…

thanks 🙂 .

I hope to entertain you for another 6 months.

( I had come up with this idea about a week into july, thinking of not
only how it would look on the flickr White, but how the black looks
when viewed large.Then i decided to make the two of them also interact
with each other in the photostream view. Now i just have to hope
that when i make my book,the page numbers work out so they share
the same open spot in the book. *crosses fingers*)


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