A Nightmare with a Twist


A Nightmare with a Twist

Textures of stones are reforming your shade.
You always pretended to live, to sleep.
Maybe you thought these needles will fade,
Knowing your skin is not enough deep.

You’ve tattooed a demon on your shoulder.
Inked deep inside your skin.
And as the nights grew colder,
So did your hollow sleep.

But in truth you don’t exist.
Just a nightmare with a twist.

You’ve tattooed yourself to your bed,
In hope to find salvation ahead.
But the demon kept crawling smoothly on your back,
Inked in your deepest flesh, turning into black.

You thought colours can resurrect your room.
But the ink seeped to the floor, to the walls.
No angels on their knees, licking your gloom,
Only cracked stone, through sepia souls.

In truth you don’t exist.
You’re just a nightmare with a twist.

And your eyes coldly melt,
Like the love you’ve never felt.
Indeed, in truth you don’t exist,
You’re just a nightmare with a twist.

(Written by Barith B)

Posted by Grace_L on 2007-11-07 00:00:14

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