Raleigh, NC

So… me and the guys decided we wanted to do a pool theme. We wanted to do some fun ones in the studio before we went out to the pool and shot there. We ended up with the idea to do some shots of them "out of the pool" in their towels. So we shot those and then, with my luck, it starts pouring down rain, thundering and lighting. So we never got to do the pool shots, but I think these came out pretty well. I’m still bummed about the pool!

Good guys. Go check them out at

Strobist: AB-800 high camera right through 47" octobox. SB-800 left bare at 1/8th. SB-600 right bare at 1/4th.
Post: LightRoom, PSCS3

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Posted by Brett Arthur Donar ( on 2008-07-19 02:14:11

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