August 14, 2010


August 14, 2010 | Orlando, FL


I attended the Back To The Roots tour with Mikey, Josh, Ryan Targee, Pearson, Erica, Mikey Zeff, Chris Crownover, and a bunch of other wonderful people! We got there before the doors opened and just talked with everyone.

Once the doors opened, we headed straight to the merch table. I got a The Devil Wears Prada Back To The Root Tour shirt. It’s pretty gnarly. After that, we made sure to get a good spot right in front of the stage. The Social is such a small venue but I love it.

The first band to play was Your Demise, who I’ve been wanting to see live. They were amazing! Suck great stage presence. I was really stoked when they played "Unknown Dub" and "Burnt Tongues." During their last song, the vocalist decided to stage dive and landed over by me and I got nailed in the face by something. It was so unexpected but cool.

Miss May I played next. I really liked them! I’ve listened to them before but never really learned the words to their songs. I got a pick from one of their guitarists as well.

The Devil Wears Prada was so ridiculously amazing; you have no idea. It was my third time seeing them and they definitely put on a fantastic show. I was drenched in sweat and got pushed into the wall a bazillion times so my hip bones are bruised but it was totally worth it! I was so stoked when they opened up with "Danger: Wildman." That’s probably my favorite song by them. I also got Andy Trick and Jeremy Depoyster’s picks. When they were getting off stage, I yelled at Jeremy to get me the pick on the ground. He did so and I was really happy! I also got his water bottle too. MIKE HRANICA ALSO GRABBED MY ARM MULTIPLE TIMES! It was amazing. He’s such a beast vocalist! He was up in my face a lot too.

After the show was over, we all went to where the merch was being sold so we could meet any band members. While waiting, I told this lady that I liked her Broadway shirt. She told us that her son was Misha, the vocalist. I thought that was pretty cool that she came out to the show. Very nice lady. Josh and Ryan met Levi from Miss May I and talked to him for a little bit. Josh gave him his EP in hopes that he would check it out. Then we had to leave since security was kicking people out.

Then we went to they side street/alley where the buses were parked. Andy Trick from TDWP was out talking to people and signing things. Dan, their drummer, proceeded to come out and interact with the fans as well. I got my picture taken with him and MIkey did too. He got Dan’s drumstick and had him sign it. We then talked to Jeremy Depoyster too! He’s a really nice guy and he remembered that I was the one who asked him for a pick. We talked about Chicago and sports for a little bit. It was pretty neat. Chicago pride 🙂 Then I saw Mike walking and ran over to where he was. I got my picture taken with him and Mikey did as well. He saw my iPhone 4 and we talked about how we got ours and the cases that we ordered. Apparently he waited in line for 4 hours to get his reserved phone but I had mine shipped to my house which was the better idea 😛 Josh talked to him about his vocals on the new album and what inspired him to scream and become a musician. It was really cool to hear what he said. I also got a picture of his knuckle tattoos. His knuckles say "GOD’S WILL" and when he folds his hands it says "NO HEROES." He made a joke how it can also say "ONE HORSE" or "OREO."

We went to Gino’s pizza after we got done talking to TDWP members. It was beyond delicious! Downtown Orlando was flooded with people clubbing, hanging out, and such.

All in all, tonight was amazing and I enjoyed every second of it. I love having such great music and people in my life.

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