Cassiphone, Janis and Cisra


Cassiphone, Janis and Cisra

CASSIPHONE: Daughter of Circe from Greek mythology. Her mom is most well-known for changing men into animals, so Cass has some animal features and a rapport with them.

JANIS: Daughter of Janus, the Roman god of beginnings and transitions. He’s frequently shown with two faces, one facing forward and one behind. So you can see where I got the idea.

CISRA: Pronounced KEES-ra. Daughter of Albina, the Etruscan goddess of the dawn. Albina was a protector of ill-fated lovers and she took the form of a white sow. I didn’t want to pick a more well-known love deity, like Aphrodite or Inanna. I’ve never heard of Albina before now, but she fits really well. Love connection and she’s white, so there’s Cisra’s hair and paleness. I didn’t like any of the Etruscan female names I saw online, so I went with Cisra, which is a place name, because I like how it sounds.

Clothing-wise, I tried several things on Janis while I was outfit hunting and I didn’t like the fit on a lot of things. Barbie-sized stuff is too big. Bratz stuff will work, but nothing suited her, so she ended up back in her stock. Hopefully, the outfit packs come out soon. I was glad to see the pink sleeve wasn’t attached to this dress, but sadly the black one is. It’d be so much nicer without that. I gave her the little pink and white bracelet to match that side of her hair. Cisra was much easier, as she found her outfit right away. I bought this custom Bratz dress years ago for my Winx Icy and it’s perfect for Cisra. Added the sleeves (she keeps the one rolled up to show her tattoo), the choker (I can’t remember which outfit/doll this is from) and Stardoll shoes.

I almost got Yasmin tonight, too, but I ended up putting her back. One had an eye flaw and the other I just wasn’t feeling. You know how sometimes a doll just jumps out at you? Like both Jades in the store were fine, but this one just said "BUY ME." Yasmin did not say that. There were also 2 Meyganas. One had wonk and the other had perfect inset eye placement and I was really drawn to her, but there was a freakin’ chunk missing from the edge of one eye. Like where her upper eyelid would be, there was a piece missing. I hope I can find another with a similar expression and no flaws, because this is the first time I’ve liked her.

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