The 8 man team that boshed the albert hall project out of the ball park, hard work, long days tears, laughter and some stinky fucking feet!

What would Queen Victoria think? This week, the Royal Albert Hall is awash with graffiti artists from London-based crew Wonderland Collective, busy turning the building’s loading bay into a hotbed of street art.

For one day only, the public will be able to visit the cavernous underground space for free and see a ­series of murals ­depicting the ­venue’s illustrious history since 1871.

Expect 10ft portraits of people who’ve graced the stage (from Hendrix to Einstein), Winston Churchill’s first TV broadcast, Muhammad Ali’s knockouts, and daubings on graffiti’s urban roots.

“Some people think the ­Albert Hall is just all about classical music,” says head of programming Lucy Noble, who came up with the idea. “We want to change people’s perceptions.”

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