Merry Christmas!


Merry Christmas!

359.366: Okay, I’ll flat-out admit that I’m copying ZG Images idea for today (and cheating out a daily photo). I did not get around to making a formal Christmas so I present an overview of some of the best photos of the year as decided by some random computer algorithm. Merry Christmas and have a safe trip to everyone who is traveling. Enjoy time with family and friends. I unfortunately will be enjoying it by myself for another year not being able to take off work to go home to visit the folks. But will make do, as always. 🙂

It doesn’t surprise me so many of these photos turned out to be portraits of the Jaguars (Pat and Stella) at the Milwaukee County Zoo who just became new parents to two jaguar cubs in November. I spent a lot of time in the big cats building this past winter taking their photos along with the amur/siberian tigers, african lions and our snow leopard.

1. Sleepy Jaguar…, 2. 😛 [cropped] [Explored], 3. Stella with Color, 4. Passing the Storm [B&W] [Explored], 5. You want me to do what?!, 6. For the record, I did not pee in the pool…, 7. Oh rock, you understand me…, 8. Pat takes rest…,

9. Ssshh… don’t move!, 10. Bamboo!, 11. Another Gaze…, 12. Genghis’ Walkabout, 13. Stella wants it back…, 14. On the watch…, 15. Oh You Again…., 16. Stella,

17. Wolf has you in sight…., 18. Kajmak is not impressed…, 19. Can we not have a bond?, 20. Tomiris Side Portrait, 21. Floating amongst tides…, 22. Stella’s Tattoo, 23. Watching you with those eyes…, 24. To eat, or not to eat…,

25. How You Doin’?, 26. Tomiris en B&W, 27. 😛, 28. Affection, 29. A whole new world…., 30. Spin Cycle, 31. Scruffy’s Fluffy Ears…, 32. That looks goood….,

33. Happy weekend…., 34. Play?, 35. Lake Erie January Sunset, 36. Icy Layers, 37. Siberian Stare…, 38. Tomiris! The zoo keepers call…, 39. All Eyes on You, 40. Sleeping Pride,

41. A Tigers Gaze, 42. A Mothers Gaze, 43. Mandarin Duck, 44. Hi-ya!, 45. The Windy City, 46. Warm reflections…, 47. Another Photo… Really?, 48. Fossa Watching…,

49. It’s mine…, 50. Watching…, 51. Blue & Yellow, The Day is Over, 52. Growing up…, 53. US Brig Niagara [Explored], 54. Touch it, I dare ya!, 55. A Whole New World, 56. The King,

57. Winter Tiger, 58. They did what?!, 59. Column of Color, 60. Mother’s Eyes, 61. Up close and personal…, 62. Mother and Daughter, 63. How you doin’?, 64. A Different Kind of King,

65. Up close and personal… (B&W), 66. STS-135 Final Night Echos, 67. Winter Zebra, 68. Blue Fog [HDR], 69. Grand Cayman Iguana, 70. Tiger Cameo, 71. A small new family…, 72. Grumpy Dad…

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