MY engagement photo :)


MY engagement photo :)

Taken on our roof, lit entirely with sparklers!

Over four years ago I met this super cute, tattooed, bike riding boy, and never thought he would be into me.

Fortunately, I was incorrect and less then a year after meeting at an alley cat bike race we began a series of awesome and incredible adventures. Camping out in the Costa Rican rainforest, visiting every tattoo shop in San Francisco, eating every veggie dog in Toronto, bike rides in the rain, winning crazy scavenger hunt bike races in the rain… and more.

So…. on a nice summer evening a few weeks ago, AJ took me back to my secret spot on the river front (where we had our first date) and gave me a “fortune cookie machine” that he built. The idea is that when you push the button it would deliver a fortune… to my surprise when I pushed the button it wasn’t any old fortune that came out, but a note that asked “WIll you marry me?” attached to a beautiful ring made by our friend Corey Egan. Of course I said yes, and that leaves me where we are now… about to embark on our greatest adventure… together.

We aren’t in a rush to make plans… probably going to throw an awesome party for our friends and family sometime in the Fall of 2014.

I’m feeling like a lucky lady, and AJ and I want to thank our amazing families, friends who are family, and just all the people and pieces of the world that brought us here. Whoop Whoop!

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