one of a kind


one of a kind

I have this simple silver ring that I wear everyday on my right hand. It’s a very special ring to me and since I wear it so much, it began to look a little dull and dirty. Dave, a jeweler at the shop people, wanted to show me how I could really make my ring look new again. Wearing extra tight fitting overalls, shirtless with his prison tattoos covering his chest, Dave brought me up to his workshop loft which was filled with wax castings, dentistry tools, stacks of papers, and tons of random doo-dads. He took my ring from me and dropped it into some chemical that turned my ring totally black. He took it out of this chemical, scooped some baking soda in his hand with my ring, spit in it, and started scrubbing my ring in this saliva/ baking soda mixture. He got distracted with our conversation as he was doing this and set my ring down to show me some of his treasures. After about and hour of Dave showing me his works of art, and they truly were amazing, he handed my ring back to me and told me that I had the basic idea of how to finish cleaning it. So with my baking soda and saliva-crusted ring, which was still half covered in the black chemical stain, I left the shop people with a whole new appreciation for Dave.
The dude is crazy, dirty, and kinda quirky, but I’ve never met a person more passionate about his work and so determined to get people around him to somehow be involved with it… even if it means just showing them how to "clean" a ring for them.

Posted by LindzJo on 2008-05-25 17:39:12

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