Sailor Moon PP Irazumi Seals i


Sailor Moon PP Irazumi Seals i

Irezumi means the insertion of ink below the skin, or essentially, Tattoo. These are Irezumi Seals which means temporary tattoos which can also be used to transfer to other surfaces besides the skin though they certainly can be used for that as well.

PP means pull-pack which are hung near cash registers in stores and bought one at a time and then the chosen envelope is "pulled" from the string holding them all. The prize inside is basically a "grab bag" in the hopes of getting one you don’t already have or even better a special edition such as a prism or foil version of a card (see the CardCaptor Sakura and other Sailor Moon PP Packs for a better idea of this).

More Cards here.

All these (and more) need new homes as I’m going to a different country for an extended stay soon so send me a Flickr Mail message (access through the arrow that appears near my profile photo when mousing over it, or click on the little tan envelope that appears on my profile page) if interested.

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