Subject: SKIN


Subject: SKIN

Currently under surveillance.

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Hey everyone, i’m so glad to finally have this piece out. I took it MONTHS ago at the Madonna Inn shoot I did with Clayton, Skin, Hattie, and Ladie.

I presented the idea to Skin, and she loved it. So we did the shoot, and I begun the post process.

The process failed several times.

I could never get the effect I wanted. Time flew by and it got postponed. FINALLY found a way to do what I wanted, and BAM. Here it is.

I hope everyone enjoys it!!!

Model: SKIN
Photog: Destroy Inc
Hair by: Danielle June
MUA: Gah, I lost the name

Copyright DESTROY INC 2010/2011

Posted by J.Bodas / Destroy Inc on 2011-04-21 19:39:47

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