Tourists actually smile when you take their photo…


Tourists actually smile when you take their photo...

New Yorkers certainly don’t!

But New Yorkers do have some very cool, albeit tiny, tattoos on their elbow…

We definitely have to get this woman a black backpack. I have no idea what color backpack she’s wearing (tan? olive? puke-brown?), but it definitely does not fit in New York.

Just like the combination of a blue t-shirt with turquoise shorts and gray (blue?) sneakers. Really: what are these people thinking? This is the Center of the Universe, after all!

OTOH, there is a reasonably good chance that she’s left-handed; note the placement of her old-fashioned wristwatch.


I spent the first two weeks of September 2015 on a river cruise down the Rhine River, with daily visits to ancient (German) castles and small (German) villages along the way. Our trip culminated in Berlin (pictures forthcoming over the next week or so), where we stayed in a terrific hotel in what was once East Berlin … but was no longer distinguishable from any other part of Berlin …

Anyway, I thought it might be helpful to know a few German words and phrases besides what little I remembered from four years of high-school German, taken a lifetime ago… so I signed up for a one-week intensive one-on-one German class at the Berlitz school in mid-town Manhattan. I’m not sure how much I really learned, and I doubt that I’ll remember very much at all in a month or two … but I do think it was a worthwhile exercise.

The “exercise” involved daily trips, via subway, from Manhattan’s Upper West Side to the IRT station at 50th Street and Seventh Avenue — from which I walked a couple blocks east to the Berlitz location near Rockefeller Center. When the class was over each day, I retraced my steps to get back home.

Naturally, I had my camera with me while I made this daily journey; and I couldn’t help snapping a few photos along the way. Most of the people that I saw were tourists … but there were a few “native” New Yorkers, and a few others of dubious origin.

Not the greatest photos in the world, I’m sure … but it shows you another “slice of life” in the Big Apple.

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