Tutorial – Half Angel – 5


Tutorial - Half Angel - 5

12/30/14 morning + part of the afternoon

Upper lip: brown – violet – black
Lower lip : from corner to middle violet – pink – flesh- nothing
White pencil on Cupid’s bow

Cross’s tattoo retouch:
I wanted it to be more visible in shadowed areas. I added slightly some lines with water-soluble pencils (violet, pink and brown) + moisted brush. Little by little. I did not want to end with a bright and very visible tattoo (not like what I usually do).

I painted dark rings under the eyes with my two toothbrush’s mix.

NB 1: the acrylic blue I used has heavy pigment. It doesn’t melt correctly. But that doesn’t bother me (in that case only!). It’s like I had a third color mix in the bottom of my mix XD

NB 2 (about darks rings). Finish them BEFORE you paint the eyelashs. Otherwise it won’t look nice (see final picture of my previous tutorial… it looks messy)

Some pastels on eyelids and under the eye. Same colors than previous step + black. Use black with caution! Or it will ends a little girly. Not my idea for this boy…

I drew little blue veins on the right side of this head. Water-soluble light blue, blurred with a moisted brush.

A little layer with toothbrush + n°2 mix (pinky red) on the area without a lot of skin effect (pale area)
Big layer with white pastel. That’s still for a good match between the head (Dollstown J in freshskin) and the body (WS Switch boy body).
Some white marks with water-soluble white pencil. It’s in order to open some white in the skin effect. Once the white pencil has a tamiya layer, it looks like you can see the resin color under the blush.

+/- 2h – 2h30 of work

I used tamiya (TS80) before going further.

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