Ultimate Predaking


Ultimate Predaking

This is one of my favorite custom projects to date. The client (awesome and patient) and I went for quite a bit of time, discussing ideas/additions/etc, to help make an "as-accurate-as-possible" Transformers Prime : Ultimate Predaking. Where to begin….This originally started as a Beast Fire Predaking figure (leader class) – It was quite far from accurate. The commissioner supplied me with MANY high-res stills of the character. He/we also worked with some of the best 3D designers to create many replacement and add-on parts.

HEAD : This custom Predaking has a new custom head designed by Incedius, and printed via Shapeways. The face (frosted ultra detail) actually had 2 eye holes which I filled in with clear epoxy to allow the 3mm yellow LED light inside to shine through. The head’s 2 large horns connect via ball joints and fold out, then back, then down to fit inside the dragon neck when transformed into alt mode.The new custom head also sits on a new neck/collar shape also designed by Incedius and printed on shapeways. The original neck/collar/neck area was removed to allow for all the new parts.

LEGS / ARMS :Predaking’s upper arms and upper legs were shortened a bit. All "hollow" areas as well as some of the Cybertronian tattoos were filled with 2-part epoxy clay, then sanded smooth. his 5mm ports on the forearms were removed. He also has fully articulated hands. Each finger connect to the palm via a ball joint and then has a hinge type joint on the knuckle. These articulated hands were designed also by Incedius (shpws.me/q4NZ) I recommend the "Strong White Flexible" printed material. These hands also have his signature arc shaped designs on the back of the palm and the hands are designed to hold 5mm weapons as well. On the lower legs, I added the blade/fin type shapes (orange) and there are 2 on each leg (one outer, one inner) the outer ones are magnetically attached and need to be swapped to the other leg when in Dragon/Beast mode to fit/Transform properly.

CHEST / BACK : A small embossed "Predacon" symbol was added to the chest. On Predaking’s back are 2 "faux" wing attachments which have hingable smaller wings (accurate to the show’s CGI) that clip onto the cylindrical shapes on his back (same as the stock wings) these add-on parts also have awesome giant spikes going upwards, making him even more accurate. These were designed by Incedius and were also printed via Shapeways. I believe these are exclusive to this commissioner’s project only.

VOICE CHIP and ELECTRONICS : Predaking got one of the coolest upgrade options ever. A voice chip/module custom programmed and built. This module and speaker were all integrated into the chest/torso of Predaking and are discretely hidden. It contains SEVER different voice phrases. It is powered by 4.5 volts of juice, which is a series of coin batteries in one of the AA battery areas. The "push to activate" button is located under the battery unit. The batteries are east to access in case they ever get weak or worn out. In addition, the head’s LED and chest LED are sync’d to the voice module, so while he’s talking, they light up to accent the audio. I believe this is the (at least my) first custom with a completely custom made sound module! See the video!

Predaking’s voice phrases are :

BEAST MODE : Predaking’s beast mode has many add ons. To begin with., his back was retooled and reworked to give better details (which also hide the electronics. The incredible articulated tail has 16 points of articulation, and is super accurate! It was designed by Ariel Lemon and printed via Shapeways. The rugged tail design also includes Ariel Lemon’s "extension" This new articulated tail also has a 5mm post on the base, so Predaking can hold it in his new articulated hands! You can find Ariel Lemon’s tail on Shapeways here : www.shapeways.com/model/1320083/articulated-predaking-tai…

Predaking’s Dragon head and articulated neck were designed by Incedius and (again) printed via Shapeways. The neck has 7 points of articulation. The dragon head has 4 points of articulation as well (2 on the "splitting" jaw and 2 on the mandibles) It’s also designed to hold an LED light, which I replaced with a new (brighter) yellow 3mm LED. The wire for this light runs down the neck to the base where an on/off switch controls it. The battery to the Dragon’s head LED is easy access in case it needs replacing. You can find Incedius’ Articulated Neck and accurate Dragon head here : www.shapeways.com/model/1277613/ultimate-tfp-beast-king-h… (Again, I suggest the white strong flexible material for this print) I took it upon myself to add on some new thin spikes on the top of the dragon’s snout as well as 2 sets of longer whisker type parts on the bottom of the jaw.
From tail’s end to dragon nose tip, Predaking is about 25" inches in length!!!

Finally, the Dragon wings have had some upgrades as well. I removed all the "webbing" (plastic filler) between some of the wing "bones" and sharpened up all the points. These wings were also given awesome extensions (designed by Incedius) which add a few more inches to each wing and another hinged point of articulation. With these extensions, Predaking’s wing span is a whopping TWENTY NINE inches wide!!!

ADDITIONAL : Predaking was also geared up with some nice hand weapons designed by "Customs by Z", these were printed via Shapeways and have ball joints which plug into the existing sockets on the wrists. Also, Predaking wouldn’t be complete without a nice light up display base. The base is 10 inches in diameter and approx. 3" tall. It is outfitted with an inner string/loop of red LED lights. It is adapted to be powered through a normal 120v wall outlet. The top of the base is acrylic/plexiglass and has an embossed Predacon symbol which catches the red LED lights on it’s edges.

All in all, I loved this project. Originally, I knew nothing about the character, and now that it’s done, Predaking is one of my favorite Transformers!

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