Vienne Rose: Ink and Wild Things


Vienne Rose: Ink and Wild Things

I met Vienne at a train station after another shoot. She’s pretty new to modelling so I had only seen selfies and amateur photos. I was immediately blown away by how beautiful she was in real life she was wearing glasses, her atmosphere wasn’t the fierce Biker girl kind of thing it was really girly with an underlining of sensuality kind of like the Librarian that will take off her glasses and be really sexy, during the ride to the middle of no where in some beautiful enchanted forest that I’d never been to I learned a lot about her she’s as interesting as she beautiful which is rare, It was COLD this day..and Rainy pretty impossible to shoot in my hands were so numb I couldn’t work my camera. So you can just imagine how it was for her being totally naked. We were in the mountains and took cover in the trees when the rain got bad. It was such a beautiful experience so quite and this fog kept rolling in and out the coldness and rain kept me present about where I was and how I felt as well as the visual stimulation of this incredible mountain forest and the amazing model prancing around totally exposed but completely confident. Howwever after an hour or so we had to cut it short. But I definitely want to shoot with Vienne again.

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