Usually, I have a vague idea in mind of what I want, and if things don’t work out, I play it by ear and assume it’s Fate. Everything happens for a reason, and the character you’re working on might surprise you. I believe, part of their coming to life is based on accidents, things you can’t control, impulsive decisions and gut feelings. They just turn out a certain way, and it’s as if you could do nothing to stop it, as if the character was somehow making decisions with you.

Cen is the embodiment of Objectivity.

His whole being and existence is based on fact and standards, rules and black&white. But while I worked on him, something told me to add more color, draw more fantastical things – the Lady Justice on his chest was supposed to be the standard girl chiseled in front of courthouses. That’s how generic Cen’s outlook is. I didn’t want or expect to create this colorful seawitch-looking revolter. The wings on his wrists were supposed to be purple, and black, but I felt it boring and something told me to add more color and dimension.

It’s such an irony to who Cen is! And it makes me think that maybe that’s the reason why his body is so colorful and fantastical…

Because everything else about him just CAN’T be. 🙂

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